Dionne LaTouche

Dionne LaTouche is the Creator and Owner of The Jayne Elle Shop, a lifestyle and wellness brand that supports Black women in creating, tracking, and sustaining a healthy life guided by intent. After her personal journey with cancer Dionne realized that there was much that was needed in the world of wellness, and that she had a vision for creating it. The Jayne Elle Shop offers products such as symptom tracking stickers, die-cut vinyl stickers, washi tape, transparent sticky notes, apparel, and so much more. As an entrepreneur, educator, and tech creative, Dionne thrives on creating systems and products that simplify and elevate our lives online and off. Dionne is a Master Educator who earned a Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Technology from Walden University in addition to a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Oakwood University. As a lover of personal growth and reflection, Dionne keeps the experiences, voices, and needs of Black women at the forefront of all that she creates. Visit the shop at TheJayneElleShop.com. You can also keep up with her at DionneLaTouche.com.

What do you create?

I create lifestyle and wellness products that support Black women in tracking, creating, and sustaining a healthy life guided by intent. I offer products such as planning stickers, die-cut vinyl stickers, washi tape, transparent sticky notes, and apparel all for the culture too. 

Why do you create?

I love to help. I love to give. I love to teach. I create because it’s literally like breathing for me. When I’m not creating products for my shop, I’m at home revamping my space to look and feel like one of the many visions of whimsical peace that I envision in my head and feel in my soul. It also looks like me cooking, playing with my hair and make-up, painting my nails, writing lesson plans for my students, or creating training solutions via instructional design for schools and various companies. I create because it’s a natural instinct for me. It’s one of my favorite gifts from God. 

I create because it’s a natural instinct for me. It’s one of my favorite gifts from God.

Dionne LaTouche

Who is your audience?

With The Jayne Elle Shop my audience is Black women who desire to live well but need practical help and daily reminders. Of course other people benefit from the products and shop with us but I wanted to cater to women who experience life as a Black woman, like myself and many people whom I love. 

What about your relationship with wellness has inspired your work?

I create things that I or my loved ones have needed at some point in time and didn’t have. Everything I create comes from an experience that I’ve had or heard about. When I went through a battle with cancer there were so many things I needed that did not exist. One of the best-selling items in my shop is a sweatshirt that says ‘Sis, Go To The Doctor’ and another one that says, “Sis, Drink Water.” Had I not immediately gone to the doctor when I knew something was off, I probably wouldn’t be here today. The intent behind these products was to create a product that would remind others of vital things they need to survive, but to do it in a nonverbal way. It makes important conversations or reminders that could possibly be confrontational or awkward with people virtually seamless because you don’t even have to open your mouth. 

Who or what inspires you?

Black people and our experiences from the past, present, and the thought of the future inspire me. 

How do you balance creating with the rest of your life? 

I don’t, but God. This is a work in progress, but prioritizing therapy EVERY week helps me organize everything else. 

What is your favorite piece of work/content/art you’ve created? 

My favorite piece of work I’ve created is really The Jayne Elle Shop, because it’s forever evolving and inspiring me. I created something that I can place my art and work in. My own personal museum and time-capsule. I love it. 

What is your favorite creation by a Black person, and why?

🐝 Homecoming by Beyoncé. I specifically love the short where she opened up about her pregnancy and her health journey. She spoke about and showed how she literally rebuilt her body from cut muscles, back into the phenomenal and super athletic performer that she is. I can relate to this journey, as I’ve been through a few cancer related surgeries and the process of rebuilding and trusting your body again is a rough one. She sacrificed, leaned into, and trusted that process while building systems of support and efficiency that worked for her and her family. She created a BEAUTIFUL masterpiece, but as she reflected on it all she said she will never push her body that far ever again. That gem that she pulled out of her reflection in light of the phenomenal experience that she produced, inspires me to continually check-in with and take care-of myself. If I am the secret sauce and I desire to pour into others, how can I not spend time simmering in daily-self care? 

Any advice for new creators?

Go outside. Connect with nature. Slow down, develop, and trust the gift that God has given you. Also get a therapist and a good planner. 

What are your current or future projects you’d like to plug?

I am currently developing more stickers, washi tape, and other products to bring to thejayneelleshop.com specifically for the holiday season. I have this Kente Cloth Washi tape that I am obsessed with, and plan on expanding that product line. I’m also developing DionneLaTouche.com for all the other ideas and products that don’t quite fit into The Jayne Elle Shop but are still worthy of sharing and wearable must-haves. You can stay connected by signing-up on the DionneLaTouche.com and TheJayneElleShop.com