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All Black Girls Create programming operates at the core of our mission. Through special events, live streams, writing sprints, and more, our programs are meant to get our audience thinking critically about media, pop culture, and fandom in a way that will help bolster their own creative processes and projects. To stay informed about upcoming programs, make sure to follow us on social media and/or subscribe to our newsletter!

Black Wizard History Month

Black Wizard History Month is a month-long event during February that celebrates Black magical characters, stories, fans, and creators. While it was original centered on Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, #BlackWizardHistory is about everything Black magic and fantasy.

Quick Quills

The Quick Quills Writing Sprint is the time for you to get words on the page! A quarterly event hosted either on Twitter or YouTube, Quick Quills includes dedicated time to write, discuss projects with fellow writers, and gas each other up. 

Juneteenth Cinema Celebration

In partnership with Sunshine Moxie Entertainment, the Juneteenth Cinema Celebration is an annual celebration of Black American cinema by highlighting Black filmmakers, film critics, and film lovers. Learn more and watch the replay!

Kuumba Kickback

The Kuumba Kickback is a digital convention celebrating fandom and creation while centering the experiences and interests of people of color. Held in October, the Kickback includes panels, ancillary events, and an Artists’ Alley! Register for Kuumba Kickback or watch the 2020 replay!