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BGC World Book Day Celebration 2022

Happy World Book Day! Find Your BGC Book Twin

From The Plot Thickens to our group reads, Black Girls Create has fostered a community that likes to read. Whether you’re getting through more than 100 books a year or reading is a vice you give into every once in a while, there’s definitely a BGC counterpart for you. In celebration of World Book Day 2022, we’d like to share some of our favorite books based on our personalities in hopes that you have a book rec or two in your bag the next time you’re inspired to read in any format.

Do you want a semi-official assessment of your book twin? Check out our Book Twin Quiz.

Wondering about the quiz logic or looking for potential cousins? Take a look at the BGC Team selections below:

Bayana | BGC World Book Day

Bayana Davis (She/Her)

As an INTJ who keeps the organization running, Bayana’s reading style tends to skew towards vast worldbuilding complemented by fraught romance, magic, and dragons, lots and lots of dragons.

Connie | BGC World Book Day

Constance Gibbs (She/Her)

Resident nerd typer with The Nerds Are Typing co-host,Delia Gallegos, Connie’s Enneagram 9 personality type shines through a reading list full of magic, friendship, romance, and mystery. 

Deb | BGC World Book Day

Deborah Winfield (She/Her)

A Libra whose balance of interests range from performance as an actor and dancer to global politics, Deborah is a voice you’re well acquainted with if you’re a fan of BGC’s Monthly Magic newsletter. You’re likely to find her reading list to be as varied and dynamic as her posts.

Delia | BGC World Book Day

Delia Gallegos (She/Her)

Responsible for the nitty-gritty of BGC financials while simultaneously leading brand design, it is only fitting that Delia is plugged into ALL of the personality codes. With a reading list that includes works old, new, violent, and blue, there’s a high probability you’ll see something for you.

DJ | BGC World Book Day

DJ Wilson (They/She)

Community and creativity are major values to resident Cancer and Enneagram 5, DJ. Their reading reflects their considerate and purposeful nature, with books full of characters whose thoughtfulness characterize their outcomes.

Nicole | BGC World Book Day

Nicole Hill (They/She)

Where others see trash, Nicole often sees treasure, a key function of the work they do curating BGC’s socials and maintaining our Discord community. This open-minded approach to following the roads their curiosity leads them is key to appreciating their reading list.

Porshèa | BGC World Book Day

Porshèa Patterson-Hurst (She/Her)

Born in the zodiac cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, Porshèa has a lot of adventurous and industrious energy that manifests in a lot of projects and a voracious reading habit. With a reading list all about exploration and embracing the dark, broody reads are guaranteed.

Robyn | BGC World Book Day

Robyn Jordan (They/She)

Holding down all things community engagement, Robyn is the standard bearer for following their interests, wherever they may lead. Their enjoyment of social conviction, kindness, and inclusion makes for a slate of titles that often end in hope.