Mugwump Selected


Micere Mugi, former Headmistress of Kiambiroiro, Kenyan school of magic, has succeeded Babajide Akingbade as Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards. Respected throughout the Wizarding World for her gifts in diplomacy and statecraft as well as her prodigious magical abilities, Mugi is perhaps best known for more than doubling the number of International Confederation Accredited Schools of Wizardry (including Kiambiroiro) to 17. In convincing both school leaders and regional officials to disclose the existence of an additional four institutes on the African continent and six throughout Asia that had been hidden internationally, Mugi’s leadership, powers of persuasion, and forward thinking garnered attention worldwide.

Addressing the International Confederation of Wizards in their summit in Mumbai, Mugi challenged the committee to modernize its focus. “If we are going to thrive in this new century, we need to let go of farcical ideas that have plagued relations between nations and indeed wizards, like notions of mutual respect and kinship, which are as empty as they are trite. Instead, we must move forward with collective work and responsibility.” Citing the perceived rise of Dark Wizard attempts to seize power and growing anti-Muggle sentiment in several parts of the world, Mugi argued the Wizarding World’s mindset of justice should be both restorative and holistic rather than merely punitive.

“A Voldemort or a Yang could not rise to power as a singularity. Their true terror is not their skill with a wand, but their revealing of the mass of supporters who see the world as merely home to either conquered or conquerors and an environment that tolerates this idea and allows it to fester. One does not simply become a disciple of evil because they were embarrassed on the field of play, there are damages to the roots of our society that must be overcome. There will of course, always be those with a desire to dominate, who are so narrow-minded and weak that they must push others down to lift themselves up, but it is only when we allow such gross inequality in our society that we weaken ourselves enough to fall collectively, rather than stand against tyranny in all its forms. Therefore our battle must not simply consider the witch or wizard, but seek to mend the hurt that they unmasked.”

Her appointment was not without controversy, as a plethora of pundits had predicted a strong British sympathy vote after successful reforms in light of He Who Must Not Be Named’s second failed attempt at power. There were also some outspoken and disaffected witches and wizards who were disappointed to see the Mugwump be selected from the African delegation yet again. Both arguments were thoroughly rebuked, in a particularly impassioned speech by Britain’s own head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Tosin Saunders.

Saunders, who previously worked with Mugi under Prime Minister Shacklebolt’s anti-corruption campaign to redistribute land rights to formerly obliviated Muggles, praised the formidable witch for her openness and transparency. “In my own country I have seen the dangers of powerful witches and wizards operating with nigh impunity, convinced of their moral superiority on both sides. It doesn’t take a Dark Wizard to do evil, and for too long have we all countenanced coercion, manipulation, and suffering to be carried out in defense of the greater good. Micere Mugi is a fearless leader with a decisive vision yes, but also one strong enough to embolden those she works with and allow them agency not by keeping information to herself or praying on one-sided power structures, but clear and honest communication. It is no longer enough to empower those who do wrong for the right reasons because they are the strongest, but we must put forth leaders, educators, and witches and wizards who have the conviction to be answerable for their decisions.”

Only time will tell if Supreme Mugwump Micere Mugi can live up to the already considerable expectations, but something tells me the woman who entered today’s summit flanked by two Sphinxes may just be the real treasure.