#BlackWizardHistory Kuumba Kickback Schedule

The Kuumba Kickback is two days of digital panels featuring some dope Black content creators and fandom members. The kickback will take place over February 22nd and 23rd, with about 3 panels per day starting at 1pm PST. Check out these panels, descriptions, and panelists!

Saturday, February 22nd (stream here)

Being a Fan and Creator, 1pm PST

moderated by: Robyn Jordan

panelists: Angélique Roché, Constance Gibbs, Dara M. Wilson, Eliyannah Yisrael

Participating in fandom can often spark your own creative juices. Oftentimes, it is a piece of content or media that we feel very strongly about that inspires us to make our own – a lot of creators can trace their beginnings to a specific piece of media they either loved or hated, but either way which forced them to make something of their own. In this panel we will speak with creators who have made their own alongside and in some cases inspired by other fandoms, holding both roles as fan and creator.

Finding and Building Community, 2:15pm PST

moderated by: Constance Gibbs

panelists: Robyn Jordan, Porshèa Patterson-Hurst (The Harry Potter Alliance), Jessie Blount (The Gayly Prophet)

For as long as humans have interacted with one another, we’ve built communities around the things we love: sports, hobbies, fandom. However, these communities aren’t all inclusive and leave many people searching for where they fit. In this panel we’ll be chatting with Porshèa Patterson-Hurst (HPA), Robyn Jordan (Black Girls Create), and Jessie Blount (The Gayly Prophet), about their search for community and how they’ve created their own spaces within it.

Critical Fandom: How to Critique the Things You Love, 3:30pm PST

moderated by: Delia Gallegos

panelists: Robyn Jordan, Porshèa Patterson-Hurst, Nicole Hill, Mars

The Harry Potter franchise is not alone in making controversial decisions that leave some fans confused or even upset. How do we contend with these decisions from big properties while still supporting media and content that has shaped our identities? Join the discussion on walking the fine line of critiquing what you love without completely bashing your spirit.

Sunday, February 23rd (stream here)

Black in Potter Podcasting, 1pm PST

moderated by: Delia Gallegos

panelists: Bayana (#WizardTeam), Jessie (The Gayly Prophet), Roshawn (UNspoiled!), J’Neia (House of Black)

Hosts of the podcasts #WizardTeam, The Gayly Prophet, UNspoiled!, and House of Black discuss Harry Potter, podcasting, and being Black in the fandom!

How to Write: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Fear of Critique, 2:15pm PST

moderated by: Bayana Davis

panelists: Constance Gibbs, Norma Perez-Hernandez (editor), Roseanne A. Brown (author, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin), Kalynn Bayron (author, Cinderella is Dead), Lily Meade (YouTuber, writer)

Writing is a personal and solitary thing that people often pour themselves over for hours, days, even months. When the piece is done, sharing it, is a whole other challenge. In this panel we’ll be talking about overcoming the fear of sharing your work including techniques that work, what to avoid, and how to give yourself a break.

Hogwarts BSU: Writing Yourself in the Wizarding World, 3:30pm PST

moderated by: Porshèa Patterson-Hurst

panelists: Bayana Davis, Delia Gallegos, Bianca Ramos, Stacie C

While there are only a handful of Black characters in the Wizarding World, Black Potterheads have found home in Hogwarts the same way others have. At Black Girls Create we started a project called Hogwarts BSU, which allows Black Potterheads to create fanfiction, fanart, and more in order to imagine life as a Black Hogwarts student. In this panel we will discuss race in the Wizarding World, our favorite Black witches and wizards, as well as the importance of writing yourself into the spaces you wouldn’t be seen in otherwise.