Black History Month EXCLUSIVE: Dark Chocolate Frogs!

You’ve had our famous CHOCOLATE FROGS in original and white chocolate variety but for this Black Wizard History Month you can now enjoy DARK CHOCOLATE FROGS complete with Famous witch and wizard cards celebrating great Black witches and wizards and their contributions to the Wizarding World.

Here are a few examples of cards available for you to collect this February!

Samson Senkebejje – Headmaster at Ougadou School of Magic, who infamously argued for the recognition of wandless magic as a superior to wandcraft in front of the International Confederation of Wizards by summoning the wands of all the European members at the same time.

Abiola Adams – The inventor of the spells included in Gilderoy Lockhart’s Guide to Household Pests. After her papers were discovered in Lockhart’s possession upon his admittance to St Mungo’s, her family sued Lockhart’s publishers and the Ministry of Magic when they realized Lockhart had used a Memory Charm against her immediate family to ensure no one would claim the credit. 

Shadrias Hudson – One of the richest wizards in the world and the richest Black person in Britain, Hudson made his fortune by introducing ballpoint pens and parchment charmed into a notebook. Hudson, a Muggle-born, started his importing empire when he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and realized that everyone was using quills and loose parchment.

Raylan Hayes – The inventor of the Baccio spell, which is the reversal of the Summoning spell. A half-blood wizard, Hayes realized the spell’s vital need after his mother kept yelling at him to put stuff back where he found it.

Da’quintin Davies – A famous American wizarding music producer who sampled popular forms of Black Muggle music and translated it for the wizarding world. He produced the famous cover “Before I Accio,” Celestina Warbeck’s version of the Maze classic that introduced her to a new generation of wizards and BBQs.

Earnest Singleton – Chef and owner of the Wizarding World’s first global franchise restaurant Cauldron Fried Chicken (or CFC). Singleton is known for also launching festival style CFC Cookouts across the diaspora, introducing new young cooks, musicians, and artists to Black wizards everywhere.

Clarice Caldwell – Editor-in-Chief of Black Witches Weekly, a culture and lifestyle magazine for Black witches across the diaspora. In response to a scathing gossip column speculating on the nature of the friendship between Caldwell and socialite Nicola Zabini by Rita Skeeter, Caldwell let her know publicly at a Ministry gala that she would embarrass her in front of her ‘lil’ friends.’

Dazzaline Draper – Draper established the first spoken word poetry slam in the history of Ilvermorny School of Magic and went on to become an executive producer of Def Wizards Jam, a long-running series on MBO (Magic Box Office).