I Wouldn’t Survive at Hogwarts

But when I think of how annoying being at Hogwarts would be

I get a headache

A massive headache from the thought of the lack of other gay students

I’d make a GSA just to make all the conservative wizards and witches uncomfortable

With my pride and my blackness I would want to see how progressive 2010s Hogwarts is

Sit with Hagrid for tea and casually mention my girlfriend

I would bring a satchel with pride flag buttons on it and sleep next to a pride flag in my dorm

Because more than likely my roommates would be white and straight

I wouldn’t survive a minute at Hogwarts

Not only are there approximately 6 black people at Hogwarts

But I’d be in trouble every day

Screaming at the top of my lungs at professors

About how I bet they couldn’t name all 6 black students

That black lives really do matter

That mental health is important and no one ever talked about what they did to help everyone that probably developed depression, anxiety or some ptsd after seeing their classmates die at the Battle of Hogwarts

I would have been traumatized.

More traumatized to learn that there was not one but at least 4 secret dungeons in my school

More traumatized to know that the paintings cussed 12 year olds out on the daily

More traumatized to see that most of my professors were 120 years old but still looked 70

More traumatized knowing that they decided to build a magical castle next to a forest full of things that could kill me quicker than a white man with a wand… Or gun

I wouldn’t survive at Hogwarts

Not because I’m black

Not because I’m queer

But because I’m black and queer with plenty of questions and concerns as to why no one ever talks about how Professor Flitwick got a magical perm and dye job one summer.