Constant Vigilance: Super Robots

The Robot takeover is coming and I have taken it upon myself to stand at the front lines of the greatest battle for humanity and shout to the masses against our would-be robot overlords…CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

It’s a bit poetic that a company that has brought us so much joy and has taken all of our money for the past 50 years would use that money to hasten our demise. Disney Imagineers have decided that the animatronic heads of state at Disneyland’s Hall of Presidents isn’t terrifying enough, so they have upped the ante with AUTONOMOUS. ROBOT. STUNT. DOUBLES. Mickey, what is you doing fam???

The article, from TechCrunch, reports of robot acrobots who are programmed to be autonomous and self-correcting, meaning the robot can leap, flip, fly, and stick the landing perfectly. Yeah, this is not going to end well.

With recent stunt person accidents and deaths, it seems like Disney is trying to avoid harm to humans, but you know what Mad-Eye Moody would say…