Constant Vigilance: The Racist Redditbot

The Robot takeover is coming and I have taken it upon myself to stand at the front lines of the greatest battle for humanity and shout to the masses against our would-be robot overlords…CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

Do you see trolls, misogynist, racists, and general jerks online and think, you know what would make this better? Robots! Well you’re in luck because some mad scientists at MIT decided to try and ACTIVELY create a psychopathic AI because what could possibly go wrong there?

 Did they have to give him teeth?!
Did they have to give him teeth?!

These scientists named their artificial intelligence algorithm Norman, after the main character in the film, American Psycho. They then exclusively fed Norman with the most vile and violent content they could find from the website Reddit. I don’t know about you but personally I cannot foresee anything going wrong in this plan.

Well you know what Mad Eye Moody would say…