Kendra Margaux Ollivander

Kendra Margaux Ollivander is 16 years old, born to Symphonara Ollivander and Edmond Marchand. Kendra comes from a single parent home with her mother, who works at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries. Symphonara never married Kendra’s father because he was associated with Death Eaters and was sent to Azkaban for torturing Muggles.

Kendra was raised in Adare, Ireland, a small city of 2600 people. Most of the citizens residing there are Muggles, but there are some wizards and witches sprinkled around the city.

When her parents attended Hogwarts, her mother was a Ravenclaw and her father a Slytherin. Although her parents were total opposites, they connected on many different levels, until Edmond got involved with Death Eaters and Symphonara wanted nothing to do with him. After their split, she found out she was pregnant with Kendra.

When Kendra was accepted into Hogwarts she was sorted into Slytherin. While attending Hogwarts her first year, her fellow Slytherins ridiculed her because she not only was she a child born out of wedlock, but she was too nice to be a Slytherin. This went on from year one to year three at Hogwarts until she came back for her fourth year with a vengeance. She changed her attitude, her hair, and her mindset.  No longer was she being bullied, whenever she walked into the room her aura demanded respect.

Kendra’s best qualities are that she is kind, brave, strategic, and smart. She is very quick-witted and has a good memory. Even though she has all these great qualities, she is still human and does have flaws. She sees faults in others ideas, and only brave in situations she can control the outcome 100%. She is quick-tempered, lashing out when she can’t have her way, and is selfish, impetuous, and a bit introverted.


1.)   She does have an affinity for wands (hellooooo she’s an Ollivander ), but she doesn’t want the other Slytherins to know. She is trying to fit in.

2.)  She looks up to Hermione Granger, she admires that even though Hermione comes from a different background than the other witches and wizards, she still is comfortable enough to be herself.

3.)  Kendra’s friends are; Dallas Higgs (Ravenclaw), Cherie (sherry) Bell (Hufflepuff), and Rashawn Dawlish (Ravenclaw). They have all been friends since they were three years old.