The 5 Most Important Characters to Orphan Black Season 4

As you can see, we are card-carrying members of Clone Club here at BGNO. On Tuesday, Bayana gave you everything you needed to know to be ready for tonight’s premiere – this post will not be nearly as useful but just as important. I’m going to rank who I think will be the 5 most important characters in Orphan Black Season four.

Originally, I wanted to rank my favorite characters, however, in a show with so many characters and many of them lovable in their own unique ways – it’s hard to narrow them down to a top five favorite. So many characters are unique and play roles of varying importance throughout this show.  When we last left the clones Alison had been elected to school trustee, Helena found her boyfriend Jesse’s Towing, Mark and Gracie got married and gave Virginia Coady the book with the genome sequence from Doctor Duncan, Rachel was reunited with her mother and given the younger leader clone Charlotte to raise.  Sarah had found the original source of both the Leda and Castor clones and the Neolutionists returned, though we found out that they had never really disappeared. There was so much action packed into the season finale that will be difficult to parse out but will no doubt continue into season four. These are the five characters that I will be keeping my eye on throughout the season since I think they hold the key to unraveling this bigger mystery.

5. Susan Duncan

We found out during the season finale that Rachel’s mother was a key Neolutionist and that Doctor Leeke (still buried in Alison and Donnie’s garage) was just a figurehead. Bayana rightly compared the Neolutionist to Marvel’s Hydra and though they were unsuccessful in retrieving Kendall Malone’s genetic material I am doubtful they will stop trying.  Susan Duncan undoubtedly has a plan for allowing Rachel to raise Charlotte and I think that reason will lead us even further down the rabbit hole. I also assume that she has something to do with Delphine’s presumed “death” (I’m not convinced she’s actually gone).

4. Felix Dawkins

While Felix is never actually important strategically, but as brother-sestra he has always played the vital role as emotional support. With Helena pregnant, Cosima sick and dealing with the loss of Delphine and Sarah being, well, Sarah, Felix will have his hands full. Let’s not forget, Alison running a drug front from her soap store as well being a newly elected school trustee, oh, did I mention pregnant Helena is the Hendrick’s live-in nanny now? No good can come of that, Fe will definitely be busy counseling all of his sestras .

3. Siobhan Sadler

Ms. S is another stable force in the constant upheaval of Clone Club, as the daughter of Kendall Malone she plays an even bigger role in this mystery than we thought. Kendall admitted to sending Sarah to her as a baby when Ethan Duncan was running from the Neolutionists, I can only imagine that confession will have repercussions this year. Ms. S is also responsible for keeping the Leda sestras safe and away from harmful forces, with Topside, the Neolutionists and the remnants of Project Castor all looking for Kira and Kendall, Siobhan will have her plate full. Remember, last season she sold Helena out to Castor calling it a “wartime decision”, in the past it’s been hard for Ms. S to think beyond Sarah and Kira and of the well-being of the other sestras. Now that she seems more accepting of the Alison, Cosima and Helena as a family, there are certain to be more tough choices ahead and the decisions she makes will play a big role in shaping what happens.

2. Cal Morrison

Cal is now keeping both Kira Manning and Kendall Malone hidden in Iceland. So far, he has been a great father to Kira and ally to the sestras but we still don’t know much about who Cal Morrison is and the glimpses we’ve had into him seem to raise more questions than answers. Cal once confided in Sarah that he walked away from his company due to it being co-opted by contractors for potential weapon applications, I think that information will come back up with possible consequences for this story. Kira Manning has shown incredible insight and abilities through the first three seasons, now that Cal is her main parental figure, what role will he play in her development?

1.  Sheep Mask Girl

You have to go back to go forward, right? Well, we don’t know too much about the girl in the sheep mask, but what we do know is that she has played a major role in all of the marketing and trailers leading up to the season four premiere. Behind the mask is another clone and remember how evil Helena used to call the clones before she called them sestra?