What I’ll Be Watching This Fall

On Tuesday, Bayana shared with you what she is looking forward to watching this fall and being old and uninspired I decided to follow her lead and let you know what shows I’m excited about as well. I know I won’t shock anyone with my declaration that we are living in the golden age of television, there are so many great shows and though I’ve been hurt before (but that’s a post for another time) I remain optimistic about the upcoming television season.

Doctor Who (Sept. 19th) – BBC America

I’m always excited for the new season of Doctor Who. though I must admit to being somewhat disappointed in last season and the inexplicable character shift in Clara and baffling use of Danny Pink, Missy was an exciting addition and with her participation in panels and promotional tour (including SDCC2015) I’m looking forward to seeing what direction they take the show this season. Peter Capaldi plays the kind of Doctor that is reminiscent of Classic Who – surly, short-tempered and though not as goofy as Matt Smith’s Doctor or alien as David Tennant, Capaldi brings back the gravitas and seriousness we have not really seen since Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal. Plus Maisie Williams will be guest starring and River Song (Alex Kingston) is returning for the Christmas Special – how could I not be excited?!

Minority Report (Sept. 21st) – FOX

I’m not a very optimistic person, in fact some people who know me may go as far as to call me cynical. That’s why I have to admit to being cautiously excited about Minority Report, it’s got a great premise and the marriage of SciFi and crime drama that I am such a fan of, however, like Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human and the original heartbreaker Firefly – I trust FOX to get this right about as much as I trust the Republican presidential nominees with our country’s future (Sorry if that offends you – but come on, don’t vote for any of them). Minority Report is based off of the 2004 action film and stars Meagan Goode, a talented if undersused actress, bears a striking resemblance to Sleepy Hollow, and with that the fear that Meagan Good’s character will be treated in a similar way as they’ve treated Abbie. However, I can continue to list my reservations about the show but there is no doubt that I will be watching Minority Report  the day it premiers.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Sept. 28th) – Comedy Central

To some of you this may seem like a no brainer, of course you’re excited for The Daily Show, everyone is always excited for the Daily Show. However, I first started watching The Daily Show regularly in high school and my viewership has steadily declined since I graduated in college in 2007 (I know I’m old!). By the time Jon Stewart announced his retirement, I was mostly uninterested and would only watch clips of Jon Stewart being outraged by things we’d been outraged by for months but got no attention until he went on a “rant” which was usually pretty predictable. So for me, I’m excited not only because I’m a fan of Trevor Noah as a comedian and as BAE, but I’m also excited to rediscover The Daily Show and hope that it finds new life with a new host and writers room. 

Agents of SHIELD (Sept. 29th) – ABC

Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD saw the show transform from a novelty into a must see hit that stood on its own outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the cast changes, which given the news about Mockingbird, are not over yet, this show makes you care about characters and gets you invested in the mystery. In the past two seasons, the transformation of Skye into Daisy along with the reveal of the existence of Inhumans and that seamless connection with Avengers: Age of Ultron was been able to not only keep my attention but make SHIELD one of my favorite shows on television, and that is saying a lot!

Limitless (Sept. 22nd) – CBS

I have to admit to having a pretty unconventional reason for being excited about this new show. The second film adaptation on this list which has elements of science fiction, however, that’s not why I’m excited for Limitless. Truthfully, I’ve never even seen the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper, the catalyst for my interest in this show, lies completely with the lead actor Jake McDorman. Jake starred as rich boy hearthrob Evan Chambers on the cult classic Greek (even if the cult only included myself and my brother). Greek was such a great show with perfect casting and though Jake hasn’t had the best track record in television since, this project seems to have the right amount of buzz and talent to bring him back into my life weekly. So even though I may slip and call him Evan instead of Brian, the name of his character in Limitless, I will be giving this show a chance.

The League (Sept. 9th) – FXX

This is the show’s final season so every episode will be bittersweet, The League has been quality television for all seven seasons. The ridiculous situations the members of this 8 person league get themselves into are only second to the cameos from NFL superstars that make this show so watchable. There are tons of inside jokes and insane characters throughout this show but Pete, AndrĂ©, Kevin, Jenny, Ruxin and Taco are the heart and soul of this quirky comedy. As a comedy and football nerd, I will miss this show immensly but I am looking forward to this final season to see what last crazy adventure this group gets up to.

As I said, we are in the golden age of television so I’m looking forward to these new shows and old favorites. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed.