Warning: This Is Where Black Girls Nerd Out

Hi everyone and welcome (or welcome back) to our blog. We’ve been AWOL since about August (when we were called The Life and Times of a Black Girl Nerd). Things like school, work, and life got in the way of us being truly focused on being a nerd, which was unfortunate since so many nerdy things happened. 

Still, now that we have more time and are much more motivated to make this happen, we are back! We’re here to bring new content (with a few throwbacks), more nerd news, and other awesome platforms. 

So a few things about how this will work:

First, make sure you follow us on Twitter @weblackandnerds. This is where we will be posting when we add new content to the blog, nerd news, and any other announcements we have. Of course, we’ll try to post to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms too but no promises!

Okay, now here’s the schedule:

The blog will be updated with longer posts about twice week, with the occasional throwback post or big nerd news (although most nerd news will be on Twitter since it’s much faster). Be sure to look out for new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We will also be starting a podcast pretty soon, so keep an eye (or ear) out for that!

Mostly, we’re just really excited to be able to Nerd Out again after almost a year of having to be internal about it (with the occasional outburst due to mind-blowing nerdiness).

Please join us as we embark on and explore the amazing intersection that results in Black Girls Nerding Out.

*Note: If you are a Black Girl who Nerds Out, or some combination of two of those things (Black Girl, Black Nerd, Nerd Girl, etc.) and want to contribute content, please shoot us a message! Go to the Contact Us page for more details. 

If you would like to get an email when we make a new post, please subscribe under the About section.

Black Girls Nerd Out
(aka Bayana and Robyn)