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Sunshine Moxie

About Sunshine Moxie

Sunshine Moxie Entertainment exists to put Black women of all ethnicities, nationalities and walks of life at the center of their own stories. We use creativity in the forms of cinema, television, music videos, live productions, audiobooks and other forms of new or emerging media to build a worldwide community of Black women. As part of our commitment to making sure the world has unparalleled access to a wide berth of perspectives, Sunshine Moxie Entertainment seeks to find, develop, educate and empower talent in front of and behind the camera.

Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael Ravenclaw and founder of Sunshine Moxie Entertainment, is a Black girl from Chicago who was supposed to stay inside her box. Instead, she decided to dream big, live bigger and change the world through visual storytelling. Since 2010, she has written and directed across mediums to tell stories about the objects of her obsession: women of color.

Posts by Sunshine Moxie: