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Dr. Crystal Bobb-Semple (she/her)

Dr. Crystal Bobb-Semple (she/her)

CEO/Founder, Plato Learning

    Dr. Bobb-Semple is the Founder and CEO of Plato Learning, a national brand of literacy-themed summer camps that transform classic stories into multimodal explorations of literature, history, and identity. Her programs serve upwards of 6,000 children annually in locations from New York to California. Crystal is a trustee of the Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY, and previously owned and operated Brownstone Books, a cultural and community institution in Bedford-Stuyvesant. A graduate of Hampton University, she holds an M.P.A. from the University of Delaware and received her Doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education. Her research is on the intersection of literacy, identity, and community.

    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Creating with Kids

    Creating can be an important tool for understanding yourself and the world around you, which is why we should encourage and cultivate the creative interests of the young among us. What does it look like to support the creative endeavors of the children in your life? How can we be intentional about supporting the next generation of creators? This is a conversation for anyone with children they love in their life.