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Bezi Yohannes (she/her)

Bezi Yohannes (she/her)

    Bezi Yohannes is the co-host of Dreaming in the Dark and a book reviewer and writer centering YA and speculative fiction by Black authors. She received her Masters from Georgetown University, where she wrote her thesis on the colorblind casting of Black women in fantasy adaptations. When she’s not immersed in Black fantasy novels, she’s analyzing the gap between visibility vs. representation in everything from superhero movies to historical epics and contemporary dramas. She currently works as the digital marketing assistant for Penguin Teen and Penguin Kids. You can follow her at @beingabookwyrm on Instagram and Twitter.

    11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

    Dreaming in the Dark Live!

    Dreaming in the Dark is a podcast created by Black fantasy scholars Bezi Yohannes and Ravynn K. Stringfield that brings the stories we wished we had as children to the forefront. Named after Toni Morrison’s Playing in the Dark, our podcast celebrates the creations that center those usually written in the margins of the fantastic. Join them for a special episode live from the Kuumba Kickback!