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Amanda-Rae Prescott (she/her)

Amanda-Rae Prescott (she/her)

Freelance Journalist

    Amanda-Rae Prescott is a freelance pop culture journalist from New York City, specializing in reviewing, contextualizing, and tracking UK period dramas and UK television for American audiences. Advocacy for expanded racial diversity on screen and behind the scenes of period dramas as well as more fan participation from viewers of diverse backgrounds is a key feature of her reporting on the genre. Her articles reviewing Bridgerton, Sanditon, The Long Song, and other UK & US TV shows have previously appeared on US Den Of Geek, GBH Boston’s Drama Club blog, Doctor Who Magazine, and several podcasts including The History Film Club. Online she can be found at and on Twitter @amandarprescott.

    12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

    Redefining Historical Fiction & Romance Representation Ourselves

    Despite the popularity of Bridgerton and other historical and romance fiction on the page and on the screen, there is still a considerable gap of representation of Black fans and creatives in the conversation to move the genre forward. Even though many Black creatives have paved the way to represent themselves in these genres, there are still people who question the "historical accuracy" or "realisticness" of Black historical fiction and romance. Join BGC community members and historical fiction author Kaia Alderson for a discussion on finding community with fellow Black fans and sharing their favorite historical and romantic fiction as well as their own creative endeavors!


    11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

    Black & British Media Fandom

    There's way more to UK media than Harry Potter and Doctor Who (not that sticking to 1 or the other is a bad thing). This panel is all about finding joy in other UK TV show genres, movies, music, and more! Also, find out recommendations for Black British creatives you may not have heard before.

    12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

    Navigating Fandom Spaces As A Black/NBPOC Fan

    Finding community in fandom as Black or NBPOC fans is already a challenge in the large franchise fandoms, but what about finding your space in smaller fandoms? How do you establish yourself as not only a fan but also as a community organizer? What do you do when you're faced with racism or other -isms? This panel is designed not only for panelist sharing but for the audience to ask questions as well.